Pine Rivers Shooting Club Membership

Memberships run for 12 months from July until June 

Current Cost and Categories of PRSCi Membership

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Club membership
Associate Membership $100
Junior Membership (under 18) $80
Pensioner Membership $100

 All memberships are now able to be paid online which does however require that you have your own email address. Sorry but no 2 members of the club can share the same email address.

For those who are unable to join online we can still provide the manual form. Click the button below to download a membership form.


For those interested, you may also download a copy of our full Introduction Pack which contains all the information you way seek about our club, membership, how to apply and requirements for obtaining a shooting licence.

Quick Step Guide for New Members Joining ONLINE

Before you commence the New Membership Application please read the following: 

  1. If you hold a current QLD Firearms Licence skip to step 3.
  2. Fill in and lodge an Application for a Statement of Eligibility (QP 0515) at a QLD Police Station. (This form is free to lodge.) (This Statement MUST be obtained prior to applying for membership with a shooting club.)
  3. Supply 2 written references with this Application. (Blank templates of the reference available for download.) 
  4. Complete the online Application for New Membership and upload:
    Provide us with either
    A copy of your current Qld Firearms licence.
    Your Statement of Eligibility, 2 references and your photo Identification and a declaration of membership, if any, of a shooting club.
  5. Payment by credit card will be made at the end of this application. 

As an alternative to online application you can download and print the PRSCi Application form and either mail or email them with copies of your documents to the PRSCi.

If you are lodging your application form manually, then payments should be made via either

  • Attach a cheque/money order for $150.00 per membership. Or
  • Direct Deposit into Suncorp Bank Account using relevant reference code.
  • We can accept credit card payments but yu will need to contact the club treasurer personally providing details

Post Application, References, Statement of Eligibility, Payment and Details to: Pine River Shooting Club Inc. P.O. Box 5587 BRENDALE QLD 4500

Copies of all required forms, both club and Qld Licencing, can be found on our FORMS page under Resources.