Obtaining a Firearms Licence in Queensland


  1. Submit a completed Statement of Eligibility Form (QP 0515) to a Qld Police Station.
  2. Join an approved pistol club.
  3. Be a financial member of an approved pistol club for 6 months.
  4. Participate in an minimum of 3 competitions in a 6 month period
  5. Successfully complete a Firearms Safety Course with an accredited trainer.
  6. Obtain a Letter from your Approved Pistol Club stating that you are a member and have completed the required number of shoots.
  7. Complete your Application for a Licence (Form 1)
  8. Take your Application, payment and 100 points of ID to a Queensland Police Station or apply on line.

The following is a guide to completing a Form 1 and the Application Form.

This should provide all the information that you need. If not please contact our Weapons Licensing Liaison Office.