Club Website Resources

The purpose of the Pine Rivers Shooting Club website is to provide a more effective communications channel to our members and visitors. In line with that objective the following is a summary of the key resources we offer through our website all accessible form the various menu options above and links within individual pages presented.

If you have any problems with finding the information you seek or would like further details on any aspect of our club and its activities you may also contact us via the form on our Contact page.



Membership is open to anyone over 18 and a number of links under the "Membership" option above explain the benefits and process for becoming a member. If you wish to join as a new member simply click on the 'JOIN as a Member' link at the top of the page.

Financial Membership

As a financial member you have access to an exclusive 'member only' area of the site that will provide you with access to information only accessible to members. Membership fees are payable online and due on 1st July each year.  To renew your membership simply LOGIN and click on the link for Membership Renewals.


As a special service we provide for those who may wish to sell or buy weapons. These classified Ads are a courtesy service provided by the club to our members who would like to list an Ad. Please read the conditions for placing an Ad.


We encourage visitors to come along to club events and participate. You do not have to possess a gun licence however there are certain conditions that must be abided. The details and obligations pertaining to visitors are explained in pages found under our 'Resources' option above.


Under the 'Resources' option there are a number of Advice pages provided to help you with ensuring the safety and best techniques for use of firearms in Queensland and participating at our club events. We suggest that everyone who attends any club events review these articles regularly.


As a either a visitor joining in on club target shooting events or as a member, there are certain forms that must be completed. Downloadable copies of these forms can be found on our Forms page under 'Resources. A small selection of these forms can also be completed online.